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Hemp Hearts

Hemp Hearts, Natural Nutrition for Your Body

 "Where has Hemp Hearts been all my life? It is fantastic!! It gives me so much energy; I am not tired like I used to be. And most of all, I am NOT hungry!! It has helped me to lose so much weight because you do not feel like eating. It has so many Vitamins in it, who would not want to take it? Hemp Hearts is my new way of life, I will continue to take this every single day."

---Mary from Pennsylvania




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HEMP HEARTS™ are the Most Concentrated and Best Balanced Source of Proteins, Essential Fats and Vitamins in Nature.  Of equal importance, these desirable nutrients are not accompanied in Hemp Hearts with an excess of carbohydrates, sugars, and saturated fats--nutrients which are already eaten in excess and which in the long term have proven to be challenging to human health.

HEMP HEARTS™ (Shelled Hemp Seeds) have been sold in increasing quantities. This product is priced and packaged to be eaten in quantity. Our customers have become our best sales agents--recommending Hemp Hearts to acquaintances. Our supplier sells more shelled hemp seeds each day than many competitors sell each year -- because of the many health benefits that customers experience by eating Hemp Hearts in quantity.


  • People interested in preventative health and wellness
  • Diabetics
  • People with obesity
  • People with chronic constipation
  • Elderly individuals with chronic health problems
  • People with high blood pressure
  • Individuals on carb-reduced diets
  • Individuals battling high cholesterol
  • People with Celiac Disease
  • People battling depression
  • Pregnant and lactating mothers
  • Children with hyperactivity disorders


Energy: Expect sufficient energy to increase productivity and better enjoy life. You will not need energy boosts from coffee and other stimulants. You will naturally select less pastries, sweets, candy bars and sugar-based drinks. Middle aged and older individuals who eat four measuring tablespoons of Hemp Hearts each morning, usually raw on fruit or oatmeal, notice increased and long-lasting energy. Because of their increased energy, individuals eating Hemp Hearts in quantity have less inclination to pep up with sweet foods, sweet drinks and stimulants.

Weight Maintenance: Expect to be free of significant hunger until mid-afternoon. Depending on your health and weight, you may chose o miss lunch entirely. You may restrict yourself to a salad in the evening and lose up to one pound per day, 30 pounds per month. Or without hunger, you may often make later food choices for fruit, salads and vegetables knowing that with Hemp Hearts you have already consumed all of the essential fats, proteins and most vitamins and other nutrients necessary for promoting good health. With less hunger you will less frequently select starches and carbohydrates.

Cravings: Expect reduced cravings for foods with stimulants, sugars, starches and saturated fats. Often marketed effectively by multinational food giants, such foods in excess promote obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, strokes, diabetes and increased susceptibility to cancer and a whole spectrum of diet-related and infectious diseases. A breakfast of Hemp Hearts is a concentrated and balanced source of all required proteins and essential fats: Satisfied by Hemp Hearts your body will not make insatiable demands that result in unhealthy food choices.

Digestion: Expect to be untroubled by constipation and less susceptible to intestinal diseases. Hemp Hearts is very easily digested by young and old. Important nutritional benefits are readily transferred to those not yet born. Coarse fibers and plant sterols found in Hemp Hearts are thought to reduce the risk of colon and prostate cancer. Hemp Hearts has none of the anti-nutritional factors that reduce the value of soybeans in many food items. Customers report efficient digestive systems without sluggishness-- able to derive much more benefit from less food. Because they are so easily digested, customers claim that Hemp Hearts have cured or reduced the effects of chronic problems of the digestive system. There are no known allergies to Hemp Hearts. Because they are a well-balanced source of all required proteins, all essential fats and most vitamins, Hemp Hearts are of special benefit to those who are unable to eat gluten, lactose, sugar, fish, nuts, meat and other common foods.

Allergies: Expect none of the symptoms of food allergies. Hemp Hearts is especially beneficial to those who are unable for any reason to eat gluten, lactose, saturated fats, sugars, meats, nuts, fish, beans, etc. Using Hemp Hearts it is not difficult to achieve an exciting and nutritionally superior diet without consuming foods associated with food allergies or prohibitions. There is no THC in Hemp Hearts -- not even one part per million.

Cellular/Long Term Health: Expect many long-term health benefits. Because Hemp Hearts is one of the best balanced sources of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids, because Hemp Hearts contains only small amounts of saturated and mono-unsaturated fats which can be easily converted to energy, and because Hemp Hearts is also an unsurpassed source of the whole spectrum of required proteins, it promotes vigorous cellular development with diverse health benefits:

  • Expect reduced cholesterol and blood pressure after three months -- with decreasing probability of stroke.
  • Expect a reduction in the inflammatory characteristics of hundreds of diseases.
  • Expect a more rapid recovery from disease, from radiation treatment and from injury.
  • Expect improvement in circulation: Diabetics may notice warmer, then less discolored, feet.
  • Expect a more effective immune system with reduced incidence of all types of disease.


  • Contain more amino acids (proteins) than milk, meat or eggs.
  • Contain more omega 3 essential fat than any fish.
  • Is a complete protein source - much more balanced than & digestible than any soy product.
  • Contain about 47% oil, 86% of which is Omega 3, 6, 9.
  • Contains all the essential an Omega 3 fats required for human health.
  • Is perfect for those troubled with constipation and for those avoiding carbohydrates.
  • Provides more energy than energy bars -- without their sugar, milk, nuts, and meat.
  • Is suitable for those unable to eat gluten, sugar, milk nuts, or meat.

Hemp Hearts contain the following ingredients:

  • Omega - 6
  • Omega - 3
  • Sodium
  • Fiber
  • Sugars
  • Protein
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Iron


There are many ways to take Hemp Hearts™. However, to get optimum benefit from your Hemp Hearts™, it is recommended that you consume them in the morning with, or as your morning meal. Here are some of the most popular ways many of our Hemp Hearts™ customers are taking their Hemp Hearts™:

  • Sprinkle them on your oatmeal or mix them into your cereal at breakfast.
  • Mix them in with your fruit salad or in your yogurt at breakfast.
  • If you have a protein shake as your morning meal, blend your Hemp Hearts™ in with your shake.
  • Blend them in with your Hemp Oil to make a nice tasty salad dressing.
  • Some of our customers eat them straight from the spoon.
  • Spread them over your morning toast.
  • Sprinkle them into your salad.
  • Incorporate them into your home baking.
  • Put them in your homemade granola.
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